Sunday, 27 February 2011

"Rhythm of desire” anyone?

Heigham 0211 022

CROSSING the Wensum, in a no-man’s sort of land between Heigham and Hellesdon in Norwich lies a poetic bridge. It forms part of the Marriott’s Way, although you only see these rather sombre pronouncements on the steps if you get down to river level. The bridge itself is a swirling beauty, despite the graffiti. Does anyone know any more?

Heigham 0211 017


  1. I know that MW has a lot of public art made of concrete - I guess this is a piece. See for more on the concrete connection. This was an unusual A-frame bridge at one point, but was removed, unlike the others at Hellesdon, Costessey and Drayton.

    I think I have a MW leaflet somewhere which may say more about the art - I'll see if I can find it.

    Random note - the typeface is very reminiscent of the Wherryman's Way benches - I wonder if there is any connection?

  2. Thanks very much Katy. I hadn't seen that website.

  3. Hi Steve
    Great to read of your new project. I got your Wherrymans Way book for christmas. Enjoying it.
    Be good to see you develop book on Wensum. The river in Norwich is so special but often unseen.

  4. Thanks Hotelman. Do let me know if there are any secret spots the wider world needs to know about!

  5. Another mash-up of the bridge:

    And some more pics that may be of interest: