Thursday, 10 February 2011

More on the Tud

THANKS for all the Tud suggestions. In particular thanks to Pete Chambers who suggested Mattishall Burgh as a place to take pictures. This was the Tud near MB early on Tuesday – the first decent morning for photography in what feels like months. One more fascinating Tud fact; in May 1900 plans were put before Parliament to build a “Norwich to Dereham Light Railway” along the Tud Valley through places like Hockering and Honingham and joining the old MG+N line at Hellesdon. But since I have lost two followers since I started tweeting about the Tud I shall now swiftly move on….


  1. Steve,
    I know a chap connected the Dereham/Norwich light railway, who lives at Dereham. Do you want me to put you in touch or is it outside the field of your book.
    Brian.Ipswich IWA