Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Norwich: The Wensum in the 1970s



THANKS very much to Carol Gingell from Broadland Memories for passing on this photo taken in the 1970s from a collection by the late John Chesney. It shows the Wensum heading down to where the Novi Sad bridge would be built a quarter of a century later. That will be part of a Boulton and Paul factory building on the extreme left, with Carrow Bridge and Carrow Road not too far out of shot in the distance. You’ll remember I was looking for photos which showed what a mess the river used to look like. This will do nicely don’t you think? Meanwhile the photo below – also taken by John Chesney – shows the old power station further down river. As I understand it, this massive development was on the river because its fuel – coal – was delivered by river in huge coasters. How times have changed.



  1. That looks very much like a pleasure wherry passing by the power station too, although it's near impossible to tell which one (if only the vane were side-on!).

    I think I remember the final demolition of the newer power station, but had no idea about the less monolithic older building. I presume coal fired power stations also need a lot of water for cooling - I wonder whether the river downstream was any warmer when the station was running?

  2. Hi Katy,

    Carol tells me it was Olive.