Saturday, 14 January 2012

The 15:52 crosses sacred ground


SO THERE I was experimenting with my new SLR camera on the Trowse flyover ..messing about with aperture settings and shutter speeds. Then a train comes along and I bottle it, go straight for “auto” ..and take the best picture of the evening. Sad isn’t it? For the record then, this is the confluence of the River Tas with the River Yare between Trowse and Lakenham …with the 1552 to Liverpool Lime Street making a guest appearance. River confluences were held to be sacred places by our predecessors. It’s no co-incidence that the Arminghall Henge is very close by. At river level it’s not quite so clear that it is a meeting of two rivers – there are various side-channels to make things more complicated. (I did it by kayak last May, there’s more here.) Thousands upon thousands of people commute this way to work every day. How many realise they’re crossing what was once holy ground?