Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Tas: non league but beautiful

Tas Shotesham Mill

MOST of the book will focus on the Yare and the Wensum, they are of course Norwich’s major rivers. But the city has a couple of under-rated non-league streams too. The Tud has already had a mention here, but Cameron Self from Literary Norfolk reminds me that that the Tas has got to get a mention too. And his flickr set is a very good place to start. As well as some good shots (including the one I’ve pinched above) there is also one of Cameron’s poems and – unbelievably – a shot of the poet Philip Larkin being punted along the Tas by his literary editor Anthony Thwaite. The Tas and Philip Larkin? As well as being thoroughly incongruous, it is as Cameron says “a rare shot of the old git smiling”.

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