Friday, 5 July 2013

Picture Post: The Wensum warehouse

King St2 040

ONTO King Street now and does anyone know who owns this warehouse  and what it’s used for? To help you get your bearings the top photo is taken from the Riverside development side of the Wensum, with the red-brick building to the right being the Waterfront. This is virtually the last “old school” building left on the Riverside now. Baltic Wharf, Albion Mill and Cannon Wharf survive only as the names of plush new apartment blocks. I feel I should do justice to the only really wharfish thing left along this stretch. Apart from anything else, how long will it survive?

King St2 004

BTW these photos were taken before 7am yesterday. Hard as it to get out of bed at 6am on a day off, the quality of pictures is just so much better. No wind, a still river and beautiful soft sunlight.