Thursday, 24 February 2011

Norwich: the neglected Wensum

Boaty granny
REMEMBER I was after grotty shots of the Wensum in yesteryear? After industry abandoned it, but before the planners rediscovered it. Well Katy W got in touch to recommend this shot which Boaty Granny had already posted on flickr. If I’ve got it right, it shows the King Street bank of the river, immediately downstream of where the Novi Sad bridge has since been built. And it’s much later than the 1960s or 1970s mentioned below; in fact it could be as late as the mid-1990s. But it makes Pete Chambers’s point beautifully doesn’t it? The city was still ignoring the river – leaving it to rack and ruin in fact – until less than 20 years ago. Thanks very much to all involved.
* By complete coincidence there’s more like this on another blog – Broadland Memories.


  1. A bit of often missed decorative usefull bits on bridges in Norwich can be seen on John Halford's blog

  2. i took this shot in the mid nineties and it remained like this untill the reeds four mill was redeveloped. im happy for you to use any of my pictures that you find usefull steve. boaty granny.

    1. to add, this picture is of the old royals boat builders yard.