Friday, 4 March 2011

The Hellesdon ghost train

Hellesdon ghost

HERE’S the problem. So little remains of the railway paraphernalia along the Marriotts Way that it’s pretty difficult to imagine what came before. We know we’re walking along the track bed of the old Midland and Great Northern line, but our imagination needs a little stoking to take us back in time. And as a result a normal photo somehow doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Then along comes Stuart McPherson with this stunning combination picture. (The technical term is a mash-up, by the way.) Here, Stuart’s “now” combines with Gerry Balding’s “then” to brilliantly evoke a different era. There’s much more of Stuart’s stuff here and Gerry’s here. I think it’s a great picture.  

* Check out this EDP article for more great mash ups this time by another photographer Nick Stone, this time of the Baedeker bombing raids in Norwich of 1942.

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