Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Eaton: What no Waitrose?

Yare from Cringleford Bridge
THIS picture gets better the more you look at it. It’s taken from Cringleford Bridge with Eaton church in the background. It slowly dawns on you (thanks Pete and Jon) that we must be looking roughly across the current Waitrose car park.

Closer inspection from Katy W and Google Maps reveals that there is still marshland between the bridge and the church. So the Waitrose land would only cover the extreme left of the picture.

The huge increase in the number of trees makes it very difficult to get a modern day shot which bears any relation to this one.  Unless anyone knows different?

This canoe-view shot taken a few years ago is the nearest I've got, but I was downstream looking north on to the other side of the church. It's a beautiful spot for a paddle.


  1. I'm pretty sure it's perspective that makes the river look odd, but also I'm not sure where your comparison shot is. The view towards the church from Cringleford bridge is now obscured by trees, but there is a definite bend in the river just downstream as visible in the historic shot. I walk that way often and today paused to watch a fisherman there. Google Streetview gives a hint, but the bridge parapet is in the way a bit:

    I think the view, were it not for the trees, would be over the remaining section of marsh that sits between the Waitrose car park and the river (which can be accessed via a gate just south of the car park entrance on Eaton Street and another by the church in the car park itself). The car park doesn't extend quite to the river. The 1946 aerial photos show the area fairly well in a less-vegetated state: via I also think they suggest that the roof with two small dormer windows to the left of the church probably belongs to the cottages that now enjoy a view of the Waitrose car park rather than a field and the marshes. The other houses further to the left are no more.

    1. Yep I think you're right. Google earth does it better for me:
      Also you're right to be confused about my canoe view shot.
      On reflection I think I was downriver of Eaton when I took the shot. It's that section where the river splits in two. I headed north on the western "strand" and returned on the other. I'll adjust the post accordingly. Thanks as ever for keeping me on my toes.