Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Dragon Hall’s mysterious neighbour

King Street 1013 003

I SHOULD be writing up Dragon Hall, but I’ve been diverted by its mysterious neighbour. Dragon Hall is to the left of this picture. It’s a 15th century trading hall, built by the wealthy merchant Robert Toppes and now open to the public as a museum.

But what’s next door? A medieval first floor along quite a stretch of King Street, curiously suspended on 20th century pillars. Everything is boarded up at all levels and no-one seems to know who owns it or what their plans might be. I vaguely remember it being home to the electrical retailers Bennetts, but that was years ago wasn’t it?

So what next for 125-127 King Street? Do get in touch if you’ve got any info about this remarkable survivor.

King Street 1013 019


  1. Hi, I believe this building is owned by the architects A-Squared based at Netherconesford (AKA 93-95 King St). They have successfully developed the old shoe factory in which they are based. It has an old well in the courtyard.
    Anyway, they have put in plans to demolish the lower ground floor and all the newer stuff around the back of this building. They want to build houses at the rear and renovate the buildings to the side and make a courtyard in the middle. Access will be through the ground floor of the building fronting onto King St. The plans are available to view on the Council's public access thingy. I supported their plan because of their previous good work and sensitivity.

  2. Thank you very much for the tip.


  3. It used to be a BB Adams (Big Barry Adams) electrical store in about 1987? BB Adams was sold to Bennets.

    History here:

  4. A fuller version of the BB Adams story here