Saturday, 4 February 2012

Boating on the Wensum

Carey 46 (2)
A GREAT picture of gentler times on the River Wensum, perhaps a century ago. James Carey had previously run the Dolphin Inn on Heigham Street, but gave it up in about 1909. The rent had been put up once Dolphin Bridge had been built, so Carey moved to the north bank and turned his hand to “boat-letting” instead. I doubt this photo was taken too far upriver from Oak Street, despite the rural views. It’s a guess, but we might well be looking north at what would become the Mile Cross estate after the Second World War. If you know different, do get in touch at
* A huge thank you to Richard and Bridget Belson for providing me with this photo and many more on the history of the Heigham area and in particular its “river baths”. More on all that soon.

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