Sunday, 3 April 2011

Help me with Hellesdon

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MY COSTESSEY chapter is all but done, so now it’s onto Hellesdon which feels a bit of a challenge in comparison. Costessey had a posh manor house, a fascinating Catholic history and Alfred Munnings. Hellesdon has a big chemicals factory and err, lots of houses? To be fair this sprawling suburb does have a historic heart and most of it can be found close to the river. So far, I plan pieces on the remains of both Hellesdon Mill and Hellesdon railway station. (Scene of that great mash up picture mentioned last month.) The chemicals
Marriotts 0311 121factory is owned by Bayer Crop Science, but has seen previous incarnations as May & Baker, Rhone-Poulenc and Aventis so there will be something there, while the 12th century church (pictured) and Marriotts Way will also need more than a mention. River access is great. You can get a canoe in all the way along Hellesdon Road and Hellesdon Mill Lane, though I’m not sure how you get to the Wensum upstream of the mill. What else am I missing? Who can remember the railway? I’d love to talk to a 1950s Hellesdon commuter. And where can I find photos of the mill? Over to you guys…..


  1. The only thing that leaps to mind I can remember from TQ-related info (where I get all my facts about Norfolk from!) is that the old Norwich Stars speedway team had their stadium there. I think they were quite successful back in the 1960s, but this might not be at all relevant to anything you might want to cover.


  2. Hellesdon Hospital, formerly the 'Lunatic Asylum' will have had a major bearing on the histroy of the area i'd imagine. built in victorian times i believe. Pete C

  3. I'd leave yourself a bit of a gap at the end of the section about the chemical factory if I were you:

  4. The house on the Corner of Hellesdon Road and Hellesdon Hall Road (that regularly gets driven into) used to be Hellesdon Post Office. I found a picture of it in an old Postcard Picture book.

    And another mash-up from Hellesdon Station car park