Monday, 2 June 2014

Ringland: where was the Union Jack?

KingOfPrussia pub

RINGLAND has just the one pub now, The Swan with its idyllic position at the end of The Street, overlooking the Wensum.

But in the old days there was another. It gloried in the name of the King of Prussia until 1915 when some local soldiers ripped the sign down. Clearly the landlord then decided that a name-change to The Union Jack might do wonders for trade in the context of the First World War. 

The same boozer with its different name apparently flourished right through until the mid-1960s, but where was it? Looking at this photo my money would be on The Street up towards the church? Can anyone tell me for sure? Please email me at if you can help.

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  1. It was on the corner with the stepped gables. The present house has a round window in the bricked up doorway nearest the road. :)