Friday, 24 June 2011

Pull’s Ferry …in action

Early Ferry
A HUGE thank you to Stuart Henning, a grandson of the last ferryman at Pull’s Ferry for getting in touch. He has provided me with a number of great pictures of this picturesque spot on the Wensum in Norwich as well as a wealth of info on his fascinating family. This photo shows the ferry in action at, well what do you think ..the turn of the 20th century? Stuart is in fact one of three grand-children to email me after I asked for help on the ferry’s history last September. Just a reminder that we think the service (where passengers and ferryman always stood up) was operated by Cecil Mollett until 1943. Thousands of Norwich City fans remember it from when the team used to play at The Nest which was almost directly opposite. Dorothy's wedding to Herbert Henning
Cecil and his wife Lily had five daughters. And they’re all visible on this second photo from 1934 when Stuart’s parents got married – and then set off via the ferry. Yes this shot is posed for the news cameras, but it’s a cracker nonetheless. I’ve still got a call or two to make to nail down some details, but thanks to all the family for their help so far. It’s a classic case of how having a website makes researching this sort of book a whole lot easier – and more satisfying.


  1. I believe my Great Grandfather Frederick Thomas Freeman 1860 - 1930 was a ferry boat man in Norwich possibly at Pulls Ferry too

  2. Steve, how can I get in touch with you? I am doing my own research on Pulls Ferry at the moment and unable to get a copy of your book quickly (1 - 2 mths before dispatch), can you get in touch with me at please? Many thanks, Melanie