Friday, 6 May 2011

Kayaking the Yare–the full picture

Bawburgh to Earlham 0411 069
TWO requests have flooded in to see photos on my kayaking trips along the Yare on a map. Not least because the river takes such a tortuous route around suburban Norwich that it’s difficult to envisage what goes where – hence the need for my book I would argue.
So with a little help of flickr and googlemaps you can see the full picture here. Remember to click on “map” for pinpoint geotastic accuracy.
I did Bawburgh to Lakenham in four separate trips – two this spring and two last October. You can see the write-ups for each one on my sister website: Wherryman’s Way. Direct links are below:
1) Bawburgh to Earlham Park
2) Earlham Park to Cringleford
3) Harford Bridges to Eaton
4) Lakenham to Harford
Next up: the last leg of the Yare from Lakenham down to Trowse. I’ll also try the River Tas.

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  1. Great stuff - just what I was hoping for!